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    Online PDF, print PDF, device-specific PDF, XML (TEI, DocBook, Dom-Tree), HTML5 / CSS3, EPUB, AZW and Mobipacket (other e-book formats are available if required).

    The actual typesetting is the quickest part of the process. Careful preliminary work and accurate specifications are the key to ensuring optimum speed and efficiency – so well-prepared data minimises the time it takes to process a publication.

    Your finished publication will usually be ready within a few days. Your first project will typically take approximately three days. Subsequent publications of the same type have a turnaround time of a maximum of four hours, depending on the complexity and volume of data.

    Other publications types using the same corporate design will take a maximum of 1.5 days.

    Documents to be typeset must be in a digital format. The source should have a structured format (Word, Excel, structured text file(s), XML, json, databases, CMS-data or data from editorial systems). If your document format is not suitable, our Solutions Team can take care of the formatting. 

    Image data and graphics can either be integrated in the text or delivered separately. If the image is delivered separately, a reference to the image is required in the text. The image quality should correspond with the quality requirements for the output channel (DPI, colour profile, intended output and size). Images can be in any format (jpg, tiff, gif, svg, eps or png).

    Our software and process are particularly suitable for publications with the following characteristics:

    • High volumes of text
    • High pagination
    • High volumes of specific data
    • Multiple large and complex tables
    • Channel-specific outputs
    • Multiple language versions
    • Frequent new editions
    • Cross-column and formatted footnotes
    • Footnote numbering by page or by chapter
    • Switches from footnotes to endnotes (and vice versa)
    • Numbered headings (especially using Roman numerals)
    • Optimal image placement
    • Directories: ToC (Table of Contents), LoF (List of Figures), LoT (List of Topics)
    • Indexes (names, subjects and multiple hierarchical levels)
    • Multiple formatted columns

    TKM Publishing is a cost effective solution for your publication(s) if two or more of these criteria apply.