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State-of-the-art typesetting for books,
articles, journals and catalogs.
Now automated.

Prepress and Premedia

We offer text conversion services for books, articles, trade journals, and catalogs. Your files can simultaneously be converted into:

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Starting Price

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60 – 90%

Production Cost Savings

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Multi-language Support

We also offer digitalization and data conversion services.

High Quality, Low Prices

We use state-of-the-art, proprietary software to automate the conversion process. This allows us to offer very competitive prices and high quality results.

For more complex publications, we ask for a sample to evaluate whether they are suitable for automation.The first project takes 1 to 3 days, as the styles and typesetting rules need to be configured. Subsequent projects have a turnaround time of between 4 hours and 1 day.

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Our Pricing

Our prices are based on volume and type of document.



0.89 0.60

per Page

(minimum order 10.000 pages/year) *



1.99 1.20

per Page

(minimum order 10.000 pages/year) *

* not all outputs are supported at this price.