Publishing, premedia, and prepress

TKM Publishing offers state-of-the-art conversion services for books, articles, journals, trade publications, and catalogues. Our clients save 60 – 90% in production costs and time compared to traditional publishing models. Content can simultaneously be converted to different output channels: print PDF, online PDF, device-specific PDF, HTML5, EPUBs, etc., and with multiple language support.

Prices start from as low as €0.60 per page.

Other Publications

  • Scientific and medical journals or books, legal documents or references
  • Product catalogues for B2B and B2C sectors (e.g. industrial catalogues, travel brochures)
  • Catalogues with the same content in different languages
  • Compendia, manuals, instruction booklets, product data sheets, technical documentation, and other frequently updated publications
  • Corporate publications, such as training material, balance sheets, annual reports
  • Dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and similar references
  • Time-critical web-to-print publications


We offer .AWZ, mobi, Screen PDF, and others.

Data Conversion

We digitize your content and advise on data storage solutions. Conversions are available from your legacy systems to XML, Word, Excel and/or into database.

Catalogue Production

We connect to your existing database, CMS, or PIM, or we set up a custom solution to automate catalogue production.

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